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Urmit Sharma is a social activist, currently working with Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morch. His father's name is Madanlal Sharma. His goal to redefine leadership with his unique ideology begin back when he was in school. He started rebuilding the nation via student activism from his school days. His activist life for the social cause started early in the year 2015. Sharma has a very influential quality of leadership. He is one of the brave youth leaders.

He has completed BA-LLB (Hons) from JNVU JODHPUR. 

He achieved significant responsibilities and high positions at an early age. In 2015, he was nominated as “Nagar Mantri” from ABVP. Not even a year later, he became “Mahanagar Sh Mantri” in 2016. Being impressed by his loyalty and dedication towards his work, the organization gave him the responsibility and designation of “Mahanagar Sh Mantri” again in 2017.

 From the year 2018 to 2020 he upholds the responsibility of “District Joint Coordinator”, and in the tenure of 2020-21 he served as State SFS Coordinator for ABVP. He is one of the most followed youth leaders in Jodhpur. He is a true social worker and a student leader, who is known to concentrate his attention on the all-round development of students and society.  Sharma actively participates in various Protests for Student Rights and Girls’ safety.  

A student leader should be trustworthy, responsible, and respectful. Urmit gives his all when it comes to serving others. He never forgets to check on with the students on their problems, issues, and demands.  

 In the recent incident of the Baton charge (“lathi Charge”) on the Students of JNVU during a peaceful protest, Sharma actively participated in the protest of 14 days authorized by ABVP for justice towards the students and fulfillment of their demands. 

Urmit started this initiative to teach children hit by poverty and that too in the pandemic times. He did what an influential does. those children will no more be counted as illiterate and will have a bright future. Urmit is actively helping society in the present COVID-19 times by arranging plasma and oxygen beds for the needy.

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